In this HOT HOT HOT WEATHER we are having what better then having this to cool down ….. Please enjoy

It is summer time …. get ready to make some delish Brats on the BBQ

Going thru my pic and vids from our vaca and just had to share this one again

I urge you to watch this video and to be aware of this because you do not know when it hits you. 

Just talking about this gives me goosebumps, especially since today is my Anniversary day it has been 1 year to date, actually it started at 10 am in the morning and by 3 pm in the afternoon I could not hold my head up and had a very hard time walking by Friday I could not walk anymore by Monday I was in the Hospital and told I had a Stroke. 

It took 6 weeks before I was diagnosed with GBS ( Guillain-Barre Syndrome.One In 100,000…..dealing with GBS & CIDP (by chblant2422)

Breakfast of Champions (by supersunshine451)

Rice cooker Dinner done (by supersunshine451)

Reny's Creation's

I am a GBS survivor ( Guillain-Barre Syndrome ) in short my auto immune system turn on me and my nerves and ate the outside lining of my nerves. This leaves me where I have a very hard time walking and most times I can only walk 2o ft, before i need to rest. Which gives me lots of time sitting in my den and I love to Knit or Crochet.

Come n check it out. look under my photos

Purple Rain Necklace, my newest Creation. Elegant in Purple Ruby Faceted Round Glass 14mm, accented with Tibetan silver caps and in between each Purple Bead is a round Swarovski Crystal bead 4mm to bring out the Purple even more. The close is a Lobster Claw and extension.All strung on a nylon coated wire, the length is from 18 inches to 22 inches. Insurance is included with the shippng.